Best Keto Diet for Vegetarians: Excellent Selection of Meat and Plant-based Sources

Best Keto Diet for Vegetarians: Excellent Selection of Meat and Plant-based Sources
Best Keto Diet for Vegetarians: Excellent Selection of Meat and Plant-based Sources

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The best keto diet for vegetarians encompasses an eclectic mix of fatty meat and non-starchy plants.

Naturally omnivores—that is to say, an instinctive consumer of both animal meat and plants—our bodies are designed for eating a rather wide variety of foods from multiple sources. Vegetarians, as we are more commonly called, our selection of foods often best exemplifies the so-called “balanced diet” as one source easily complements the other, therefore not lacking—like the keto diet. But what makes the best keto diet for vegetarians?

While conventional vegetarian diet gives heavier emphasis on carbohydrates over fats and protein, a keto diet, on the other hand, does the complete opposite—fats and protein over carbs. With that said, it is probably intuitive enough to deduce as to what this sort of diet entails.

Vegetables and Animal Meat: Best Keto Diet for Vegetarians

Clarifying a bit of the confusion, it is worth noting that the type of fats that the keto diet promotes is actually the “healthy” form of fats and not the harmful kind of fats like trans-fat and saturated fats. By this, the keto diet—particularly for vegetarians—implies foods like nuts, fishes, and plant-based sources that are high in either or both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Complementing the healthy fats which come with a ketogenic diet are the protein sources, especially coming from lean meat.

Why lean meat?

One of the major highlight of the keto diet is protein which often comes rich in animal meat with little to no fats. Unlike the meat extracted from fish, the meats from livestock are often mixed with unhealthy fats which place little importance in the ketogenic diet.

A little bit of saturated fats may have its benefits for the human body, but it should be at the same level or paramount to healthy fats. After all, in order for us to remain neutral with the harmful effects of unhealthy fats, the body must always have a superseded level of healthy fats.

Aside from fish, lean meat is mostly comprised of poultry foods, particularly eggs, chicken meat, and other meat coming from the bird species.

How about carbohydrates?

In as much the same way that the keto diet is not fond of unhealthy fats in doing its wonders to the human body, it also does not like carbohydrates which subsequently break down to sugar. Hence, why the ketogenic is often best described as a “low-carb, high-protein and high-fats” diet.

Although you can still eat some foods which inevitably come with carbohydrates which, as per conventional diet suggests, provides energy to the cells for the body to do work, it significantly inhibits the role of ketogenic in doing its role. As such, to consume foods that are rich in carbohydrate is counterproductive of the keto diet and thus must be mitigated.

Therefore, some of the foods which a person who abides by the ketogenic diet are as follows: white rice, refined bread, starchy foods, and sweets in general.

Knowing all these, coming up with your own version of the best keto diet for vegetarians should not be too difficult to formulate.


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