Healthy Salmon Recipes for Weight Loss: Losing Weight Has Never Been This Tasty

Healthy Salmon Recipes for Weight Loss: Losing Weight Has Never Been This Tasty
Healthy Salmon Recipes for Weight Loss: Losing Weight Has Never Been This Tasty

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Eat to shed some pounds with these healthy salmon recipes for weight loss.

When we eat, we either do so to sustain the body’s needs in order to function normally or do so to the point of excess that we gain weight. While too much eating often connotes weight gain for most people, in reality it is not in the bulk why we gain added layer of fats in the body—it is in the quality of the food we eat. In that sense, we are actually entitled to eat as much as we want, but only and only if we are consuming the right food (healthy salmon recipes for weight loss).

But who would have thought that the reverse is also true about eating—we could lose weight by eating the right stuff!

Not all foods are fattening. Some are so lean, they mostly only contain rich sources of protein, healthy fats, and needed vitamins and minerals. Although for some, this may connote on vegan foods which is practically solely plant-based, there are also other alternatives such that they make for a universal diet—fish, specifically salmon.

Why Salmon?

There are many fishes in the sea, each of which has its own distinct qualities that make for an ideal food. Of these species of aquatic animals, salmon has a common popularity for food due to its appealing taste and healthful nutrients.

The prominence of this fish in our plates is such, several studies had been conducted on its meat which unraveled many surprising benefits:

1. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It is not uncommon to know that, of all our food sources, fish makes for a thriving source of healthy fats, like omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Salmon does not make for an exception.

Credited for a slew of healthful benefits, the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help maintain normalcy in the human body such as decreasing inflammation, reducing blood pressure, and significantly mitigating the risk for serious cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

2. Thriving Source of Protein

Like all meat, the pink flesh of salmon is an abundant source of needed protein, which is essential for growth and repair of the body’s damaged tissues.

3. Loaded with B Vitamins

A 100g serving of wild salmon has enough B vitamins to meet a portion of the body’s daily needs. Similar to other nutrients which the body needs to operate normally, these B vitamins are essential in maintaining a healthy body.

4. Helps you lose weight

Apart from getting an ample nutrition for the body, one of the major benefits for consuming this fish more is due to its power to help people lose weight. It does so on two things: by regulating the hormone which controls our appetite, thus making you feel full, and by enhancing the body’s metabolic rate.

Healthy salmon recipes for weight loss to try

Whether you like it simple or more ornate and complex, there are plenty of recipes to try involving salmon, all of which to help you shed some pounds.

1. Roasted Salmon

Roasted Salmon

Easy-to-prepare as it only requires simple ingredients and procedure to make, the roasted salmon is the closest you can get to its fresh counterpart. Meaning, little or no nutrient is lost during the cooking process.

For variety, choose your own mixture of sauces to put on your roasted dish. Needless to say, use only natural ingredients when making the sauce for added health benefits.

2. Maple Bourbon Pan-fried Salmon

Maple Bourbon Pan-fried Salmon

Made more elaborate for people with unique tastes, this particular dish incorporates the exquisite flavors coming from both the maple syrup and bourbon. Whether as is or served with other delectable ingredients, this is one food that might seriously appeal for everyone’s palate.

3. Slow-cooked Salmon

Slow-cooked Salmon

Slow cooking has a way of tenderizing even the toughest of meat. While the salmon meat is nothing but that, the process of cooking its meat slowly has a quaint effect to it. But while the meat may indeed be the star of this cooking formula, there is no denying of the added contributions of the ingredients which add to the recipe’s overall savor.

4. Coconut Curry Salmon on Zucchini Noodles

Coconut Curry Salmon on Zucchini Noodles

Noodles, in general, may be notorious for having tons of carbs that, if not burned, could only form into body fats and make us gain weight. But not if made from Zucchini.

Highlighting not only the health-boosting Zucchini noodles but also the perfect mixture of salmon meat and coconut curry, this dish makes for a love letter to existing Asian recipes where it was inspired from.

So, there you go. Healthy salmon recipes for weight loss that are not only tasty to the palate but are also true to their claim about helping you lose some weight.


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