Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes: Feast Like A King With These Recipes

Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes

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Paleo diet is becoming a popular diet nowadays because not only is it manageable, but it’s a healthy diet that gets rid of any unhealthy ingredients we add to our food as they are believed to contribute to lots of diseases we know of today. With this being based on how our ancestors ate thousands of years ago, surely they didn’t have any of the processed food that we have now, right? If you’re after easy paleo dinner recipes, you’ve come to the right place.

The paleo diet basically focuses on whole food and a more active lifestyle. It is based on the concept of replicating how hunter-gatherers ate back then. There are a few studies about it suggesting that not only will it cause weight loss, but it will also improve one’s overall health.

Common misconception is paleo diet is difficult to follow because of the ingredients required and how the meals are prepared. Actually, on the contrary, there are many easy paleo dinner recipes that you can make for a scrumptious feast for the family.

1. Blackened Steak Salad

Blackened Steak Salad

Steak and salad is a staple of most westernised menus but the term ‘salad’ is almost always vague. More often than not, it’s just steak over a bed of lettuce, dribbled with creamy dressing and tons of cheese. With this paleo recipe, the chargrilled steak is retained but instead of pairing it with fatty and creamy salad dressing, you can use avocado and green leafy vegetables, drizzled with vinaigrette dressing. A simple recipe that’s not only healthy, but filling as well.

2. Baked Sweet Potato

Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are great when you’re trying to lose weight but you don’t have to settle for boiled or steamed. Make it more exciting by baking it and adding herbs if you want. It’s gluten-free and the perfect, most straightforward side dish for soups or salads.

3. Shrimp with Cauliflower Rice

Shrimp with Cauliflower Rice

When following a paleo diet, grains and any starchy food are eliminated from your diet. If you’re a rice lover and find it hard to eat without it, there are substitutes that you can find that will be as filling.

This recipe is flavourful and the perfect weeknight supper you will enjoy with the family. You can grill the shrimp and top it on cauliflower rice that’s loaded with greens, shredded carrots, and mixed with aromatic ginger

4. Salmon with Carrots

Salmon with Carrots

You can always liven up your paleo dinner by adding flavourful veggies and juices to the recipe. It’s a technique that many people use to make their recipe more exciting. Use baby carrots and grill them until tender, and steam, bake or grill the salmon until the meat is tender and flakes. Create a lovely presentation by arranging the salmon and carrots, and add fresh citrus and dill for more colour and flavour.

5. Salad with Burger Patty

Salad with Burger Patty

If you’re a burger lover and have to turn your back to your old ways to live a healthier lifestyle, don’t fret because you can still enjoy a juicy burger, minus the patty of course. Because as mentioned previously, grains are a big no no for this kind of diet.

This recipe uses regular burger patties topped on a bed of vegetable salad. It’s a healthy recipe because it doesn’t come with heavy-calorie buns or a fatty mayo-based sauce Instead, you will be enjoying it with fresh spinach or lettuce, juicy tomatoes, all drizzled with vinaigrette. If you want the meal to be healthier, you can substitute minced beef with turkey instead.


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